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what i love wednesday {No. 123}

you thought i forgot about what i love wednesday didn’t you? i know, you were panicking and freaking out! “where’s lollipops with what i love wednesday?!!” calm down. here it is… finally :)

favorite cookbooks
i am loving cookbooks! you can never have too many cookbooks and since i love books in general it fits right in.

favorite cookbooks

i am scouring my cookbooks for recipes and treats. such fun!
favorite cookbooks

favorite cookbooks

i could line every single wall of my home in books, including cookbooks.

favorite cookbooks

these are a few of my favorites :)

favorite cookbooks

i can’t wait to see what you’re loving today!


what i love wednesday
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what i love wednesday {No. 122}

i LOVE fall!

now that is is starting to actually happen here in san diego…

fall leaves

the leaves are turning, the wind is picking up here and there, the moon looked like fall last week, and there is a crispness to the air!

monogram pumpkin

i love everything about fall, the colors, the names of the months, pumpkins, orange, and the food!

pumpkin cake

here’s a lovely free printable

october free printable

what do you like about fall?
i can’t wait to see your loves this week!


what i love wednesday
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what i love wednesday {No. 121}

what i love wednesday is back!
and better than ever :)

i am loving these two dresses at anthropologie right now.

anthropologie dress anthro dress

i die.

don’t you just love them? i have to avoid going into anthropologie unless my husband and his wallet are coming along ;) they have too much good stuff! have you ever smelled their volcano candle? get out! it’s insane!!!
share your loves by linking up what you love wednesday!


what i love wednesday
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what i love wednesday {No. 120}


i still can’t believe it.
i keep thinking it isn’t real.
how can it be?

red balloons for ryan

this sweet young boy was struck by a truck last friday. i know we are all in shock.

all day i sat and cried my eyes out and i put myself in Jacqui’s shoes. what could she be going through? what would i do?

after a day like that i don’t just turn a 180 and smack a smile on my face and act like everything is peachy.

i am distraught.

but this isn’t good either. now i am doing my family a disservice. my family doesn’t have to lose their mother to commiseration and wallowing in empathy for another family we faintly knew. of course i held all my children closer and listened to them better and paid them constant attention, but this isn’t about me. my intense feelings for this sad tragedy should move me into action. action that helps. action that gives. action that is still there for my family. i am still a wife and a mother and just because depression is a slippery slope for those who have dwelled there doesn’t mean i allow myself to fall back in.

evil wants us to fall, God wants us to rise above and take action.

here’s how we can help. if you live nearby sign up to bring meals, help with the house, bring whatever it is they need. if you do not live nearby send money, prayers, and cards.

here are some ways to send money in Ryan’s name:

what this what i love wednesday is:
i love this family and i love how we are all going to move to action and help.

you can read the tragic story of what happened to sweet Ryan, here on Alissa’s blog.


i would love for you to link up your loves and i understand if you are not feeling up to it today. what ever you chose is right. thank you for stopping by today.

what i love wednesday
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what i love wednesday {No. 119}

i have been scrapbooking since Soleil was 6 months old, so i guess that means i have been scrapbooking for almost 15 years now. i was drawn at first to all the pretty. and preserving family history seems wise.

i can’t frame all the pictures i take and i makes me sad to think they’ll be sitting on a hard drive somewhere unseen. we take so many photos – even when i started scrapbooking while taking film photos! now we take an exorbitant amount of photos with our digital cameras and now on our iPhones.

we share via facebook, twitter, and instagram.
but have you ever tried to go back a year on your social networks? it’s hard.
i can pull 2007 off my shelf and look back at our move to Lake Tahoe and back.
i can look at our trip to New York City in 2008.
family and friends that come over can share in the experience and look through the years as the kids have changed and grown.


the most precious reward for me is to see how much the kids love going through the scrapbooks i have made, talking about trips and memories, and family visits, and things they used to do. they pour over them. sigh, this is gold. i love it.


when i lived in morro bay my friends who introduced me to scrapbooking would get together monthly and scrapbook… together. i know! in real life! this was not just scrapbooking, this was building friendships, bonding, creating together. sharing our stories with each other. besides my family pouring over my scrapbooks this is the other beautiful reward that comes with scrapbooking good friends, old friends, new friends, and a lot of laughs! i still go up about once a year to a 4 day scrapbook retreat with those ladies. but i need to get a group going where i live too.


scrapbooking is not dead. i thought maybe it was because i can’t seem to find anyone in san diego county that wants to do it with me. but i see women in the scrapbook isle at michaels and my heart skips a beat – oh! they scrapbook, yay! should i go up to them and invite them to my house? yikes, probably not a good idea. and i see a large following for the project life series. and i see tons of gorgeous sites dedicated to scrapbooking, such as studio calico, crate paper, basic grey… with online classes and kits. there is hope, a flickering light of a small candle burning, glowing brighter.

scrap book

i encourage you to find a way to preserve your photos where they can be seen not just on your walls, and definitely not hiding on a hard drive somewhere. have you had a picture on your wall and had to explain where you were and what the kids were doing and what happened and maybe why you took that photo in the first place? that is scrapbooking, now put it on a page and write those things and thats it. easy as pie and definitely sweeter.

scrapbook images via studio calico

what are you loving today???


what i love wednesday
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what i love wednesday {No. 118}

i love working from home!


there are definitely some not so perfect days but as a mother to 3 this is the best of both worlds for me!

taking care of me

here’s how i do it.

here’s how i stay productive and undistracted.

how about you? do you work from home? what is your best advice? or where do you need help?

i can’t wait to see what you’re loving today!



what i love wednesday
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what i love wednesday {No. 117}

i love books!

booksi think i have posted books for what i love wednesday more than once…
but i really do love them!!

i could sit here all day!read books

from here and here

can’t wait to see your loves today!

what i love wednesday
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what i love wednesday {No. 116}

i am so thrilled i get to go to Creative Tea Time at The Printed Palette!

creative tea time

creative tea time tables

i cannot wait!

creative tea time party

i promise to post all about it next week :)

now what are you loving?

what i love wednesday
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what i love wednesday {No. 115}

i am loving clean eating!

clean eating thanks to:

the body book

click here for some of this pinned clean eating inspiration

clean eating inspiration

here is a yummy green juice recipe you can make in your blender that i will be enjoying today :)

green smoothie

Green Juice


  • 1 1/2 cup water
  • 1/4 cup parsley
  • 2 apples cored and quartered
  • 1 cup kale or spinach
  • 1/2 cup cucumber
  • 1 tbsp lime juice
  • 1/2 inch peeled fresh ginger
  • 2 celery stalks
  • 1 1/2 cup ice


  1. add ingredients in the order above and blend on highest setting. drink as a smoothie or strain for a green juice. i like the smoothie, you get all that pulp fiber. the plant structures are so good for you!

i am going to get more books on the topic and check out some inspiring blogs on healthy living to keep this motivation going!

i can’t wait to see what you’re loving today!

what i love wednesday
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what i love wednesday {No. 114}

i am still loving faux calligraphy! it’s certainly drool worthy!
here are a few gorgeous faux calligraphy fonts i am seriously crushing on…

bombshell font peoni font carolyna pro black font

i just love all the swashes don’t you?
sold on here, here, and here.

can’t wait to see what you’re loving today!

what i love wednesday
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